Powerful, flexible, yet easy-to-use

PayNearMe provides a general purpose platform for accepting cash payments in real-time. Whether for fixed or variable amounts, one-time or recurring payments, PayNearMe allows your customers to complete simple or complex transactions easily at a local store.


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Stage the transaction

Using one of the available integration options, a set of instructions is stored in the PayNearMe system that will be executed when a consumer makes a payment.

These instructions can be whatever makes sense for your business, and can be simple or complex. For example, these PayNearMe instructions could:

  • Pay for an online purchase
  • Buy and print a ticket
  • Repay a loan and print a monthly statement

Assign a token

The PayNearMe system allows consumers to make cash payments at a local store in less time that it takes to buy a carton of milk. All that's required is the swipe of a card or the scan of a PaySlip which the consumer prints or sends to a smartphone.

The PayNearMe system associates this barcode, mag stripe or code with the instructions staged in Step 1.


PayNearMe PaySlip

The PayNearMe PaySlip is generated during the online checkout process, provided by a merchant or accessed from www.paynearme.com/pay. Your customer can print the PaySlip directly from a computer, send it to their mobile phone, or receive a copy in the mail.


PayNearMe Card

The PayNearMe Card can be obtained at the store or you can send it to your customers. Ideal for those without a printer, customers simply text a code on the card, enter it into an IVR or provide it to your operator over the phone.


PayNearMe for Smartphone

No printing required! A barcode is rendered on the customer's smartphone and the customer simply brings his phone to a PayNearMe payment location to be scanned.


Execute the transaction

Your customer presents their cash along with a PayNearMe Card or PaySlip to the sales associate for scanning or swiping.

Transaction are 100% guaranteed good funds with no risk or fraud or chargeback.


The PayNearMe Process Flow

  1. Customer presents their cash along with their PayNearMe PaySlip or Card to the sales associate for scanning or swiping.
  2. The store's Point of Sale system communicates in real-time with PayNearMe to authorize the transaction.
  3. The PayNearMe system optionally communicates with the Merchant's system to accept or decline payment and provide any additional instructions.
  4. This status, along with any further instructions are returned to PayNearMe.
  5. The PayNearMe system instructs the store associate to collect the funds.
  6. A detailed receipt is presented to the customer and the PayNearMe PaySlip or Card is returned.


Notify the customer

Depending on the type of transaction, your customer can be notified in a variety of ways.

For example, you can print up to 3,000 characters on the register receipt that can be formatted to provide additional instructions or information such as a statement, a redemption code, a ticket, or any other custom message in any language that can be rendered in Roman characters.

Furthermore, PayNearMe can also send your customer an email or text message, or you can use our APIs to update another system.


Settle funds

With 100% good funds and no risk of fraud or chargebacks, the funds move from our retail partner to you via PayNearMe typically within five business days.

The free PayNearMe Card — enabling mobile cash payments

Paying for online purchases and other remote transactions just got even easier! Grab a FREE PayNearMe Card at your local 7-Eleven or Family Dollar store and use your mobile phone to complete any PayNearMe payment. PayNearMe enables cash payments for a variety of goods and services from leading companies in e-commerce, direct response and catalog marketing, consumer finance, or any type of remote transaction at a local store, starting with more than 7,800 7-Eleven stores and 7,900 Family Dollar stores across the US.

There are 3 simple steps for using a FREE PayNearMe Card. After selecting an item online to purchase or a payment to make, you follow these simple steps.


The easiest way to pay with cash

Getting paid with cash just got easier! Now your customers can use their smartphones to complete transactions with you at their local 7-Eleven, Family Dollar, or ACE Cash Express store. Our smartphone simulation demonstrates how PayNearMe is integrated into an online store's check-out process or payments page.