No credit card? No Problem™

PayNearMe makes it easy to pay in cash for bills or other purchases that would normally require a credit card or bank account information. With PayNearMe, you can pay in cash for things like rent, car payments, utility bills, and online purchases -- right in your neighborhood 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


How it works


Choose PayNearMe as a payment method when you shop online, sign up for a loan, pay your utility bill, and more. You'll get a PayNearMe Card or PaySlip that you can print out or display on your mobile phone.


Visit your nearest 7-Eleven, Family Dollar, or ACE Cash Express and present your PayNearMe Card or PaySlip to the cashier, along with your cash.


The cashier will scan your PayNearMe Card or PaySlip, accept your cash, immediately notify the company that you've paid, and give you a receipt as proof of payment.

It’s that simple. No waiting in a separate line at the store: You can make a cash payment while buying groceries—or anything else—directly to the regular cashier. There’s no long-term commitment, no high fees, no sensitive personal info required, and the business is immediately notified that your payment has been received.

Try it


Pay in your neighborhood.

PayNearMe is already used at over 17,000 retail locations across the United States. Find your nearest retailer on our map, and visit them to pay for purchases with cash.


The easiest way to pay with cash.

Our smartphone simulation demonstrates how PayNearMe is integrated into an online store’s check-out page for the easiest way to pay with cash.


Easy to pay with cash anytime

You can use PayNearMe to make fast, easy cash payments for loans, rent, online purchases, online games, bus tickets, and more. Even better, you can make your payments from your neighborhood 7-Eleven, Family Dollar, or Ace Cash Express any time of day, 7 days a week.



wants to buy game pieces but does not have a credit card



wants to keep her financial information confidential



needs to pay off a short-term loan in convenient cash increments

Add a company to PayNearMe

Not sure if a business accepts cash payments via PayNearMe? Visit our Make a Payment page and type in the business name. If you don't see the business listed, you can request we add a business we'll contact them to tell them about the PayNearMe service.


Get started using PayNearMe

Choose what you would like to do:

Register a card

Did you receive a PayNearMe Card from a company or lender? You can register it here.

Track a payment

Want to confirm a payment has been received? Enter your payment code to check.

View receipt details

Want to view details from a receipt? Enter your receipt info to check.

Make a payment

Search for the company you want to pay. Then print or download your PaySlip and visit a payment location to pay with cash.